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Notice about how Oxford Scandinavian Society treats your personal information when becoming a member

We would like to notify you of the use of your personal data given to us by you together with the purchase of your membership. Please note that by buying the membership you’ll grant us an effective consent to the use the following personal data for the assigned purposes:

This is the information we keep about our members and how we use the information

  • Name

  • Nationality (for statistical purposes and for sending country specific emails)

  • College, graduation year and sign-up date (to identify members)

  • Email (for communication)

The information is shared within the current committee, and with a small number of society officials (currently including only the auditor).

At any point you can send a request to to enquire what information we store about you and for what purposes. You can also request that any part of the information be updated. In particular, if you want to keep receiving emails when switching email addresses, you have to inform us about your new email address.

You may at any point ask us to remove your nationality and/or email address from the register. Removing your email address means that you will not be able to receive information from the society. You will, however, still be a member.

Since most of our members have lifetime membership we have to keep information about name, college, graduation year and sign-up date in perpetuity. Upon your request we can remove this information, but you will then cease to be a member of the society as we will lack the means to verify your identity as a member.