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ScanSoc would be nothing without its members, and we would love to have you among them. If you are even mildly curious about the northern regions, you are very welcome to join. Below you can find some examples of what we do and what you will get reduced prices to. You can become a member in all our events or by purchasing your membership online. A membership costs 15 pounds and is for life.




Our termly socials gather Scandinavian and Scandinavian-minded members of the University to meet each other and enjoy different events together. The events can range from normal drinks events to midsummer celebration and crayfish parties.

Our social event have been very appreciated, with there often being more than a hundred guests attending. Even if you only attend a few social events you will find a membership to be a worthwhile investment.





We invite Scandinavian figures from politics, business and culture to enrich the vibrant speaker-scene in Oxford. Previously we have hosted Tobias Billström, the former Swedish minister of migration, Norwegian activist and lawyer Geir Lippestad, and Fredrick Reinfeldt, the former prime minister of Sweden.

We aim to provide interesting speakers that are able to give exclusive insights into different aspects of Scandinavia, or experts in a specific field with ties to any of the Nordic countries. These events are member-exclusive.



Our termly Sittnings have brought the unique Scandinavian dinner-party tradition to Oxford, and has become our most renowned event. A sittning is a several course dinner backed by a plentiful amount of drinks and, even more importantly, of drinking songs. 

We are extremely proud of enabling so many people previously unknown to sittnings to join us and sharing in this delightful Scandinavian tradition. Tickets are commonly sold out after an hour or two so everyone interested in experiencing one are advised to pay close attention to our Facebook feed in order not to miss the release. 


recent events

Some of our recent events are shown below. Follow us on Facebook and don't miss event announcements!

Hillary Term 2019

  • Welcome Drinks, Week 1 @ Worcester

  • Film Night, Week 2 @ Somerville

  • Pub Social, Week 3 @ TBC

  • Ambassador’s Dinner, Week 4 @ Somerville

  • General Meeting, Week 5 @ Balliol

  • Sittning, Week 7 @ Vaults and Garden

  • Fettisdagen, Week 8 @ Skogen Kitchen

Trinity Term 2019

  • Welcome Drinks with Kyrö Distillery, Week 1 @ St Johns

  • Syttende Mai Sittning, Week 2 @ Vaults and Garden

  • Eurovision Screening, Week 3 @ Somerville JCR

  • Hotdogs & Hygge, Week 4 @ St Giles

  • Pub Social, Week 6 @ TBC

  • Midsommar, Week 8 @ TBC